Living Hearth Farm is a creative living sanctuary devoted to stewardship, holistic health, resilience and story.



We are visionaries, artists, farmers, educators, advocates and soul activists deeply interconnected with the rhythms of nature.



As a diversified, small scale farm, we grow a variety of foods, medicinal herbs, flowers, mushrooms, fruit and nut trees, and practice simplicity in living and caring for the land through tending life, cultivating learning, deepening relationship and nature awareness. Our vision is one of community resilience and holistic health, and we believe in the power of story as a way to connect and inspire others to live into their truth and walk the path of the heart, and ultimately, in alignment with the beautiful earth.

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The Hearth

Nestled in a valley, bordered by a river and surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest in the upper most edge of the Driftless Region and just over an hour east of the Twin Cities, Living Hearth thrives among the white pine, sugar maple, hazel, elder, white oak, coyote, deer, black bear, red squirrel, eagle, red tail hawk, blue jay, pileated woodpecker and brook trout.

We raise animals and tend to the earth, devoted to land stewardship through growing food and medicine with beyond organic and biodynamic practices, saving seeds, preserving and engaging with a life co-created with nature.




Megan weaves integrative, holistic and creative experiences for community connection. An avid homesteader, forager, writer, song & herb crafter, she believes in healing through remembering and revitalizing our ancestral traditions, nourishing food, earth care, body care, creativity, ritual and storytelling.


Cody is currently drafting his biography. Check back soon.

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