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Connecting visionaries, farmers, artists & educators rooted in the importance of place through collaborative, diverse and intergenerational learning, growing & crafting bioregional nourishment and sharing cultural stories, wisdom and traditions


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Upcoming Events

2nd Annual Sacred Earth Retreat

6/29 @ Organic Compound – Northfield, MN


Join our Open Hearth PDC cohort, community, partners & friends to celebrate the summer solstice and our beautiful earth, we are grateful to gather in the spirit of community, be together among our healing plant allies & share skills for building regenerative lifestyles. OPEN to PUBLIC – REGISTRATION open soon!



Open Hearth PDC 2019

Open Hearth is our Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) apprenticeship exploring the resilient culture, communities, & skills of the Upper Midwest bioregion. Join us as a PDC student or partner with us for a project!

10 Day: Aug 2019  |  6mo: Apr-Oct |  Learn More & Register >

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