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Megan Rae is a community herbalist, writer, permaculture designer & educator, guided movement instructor, medicine maker and loving earth steward. She centers plants as teachers and cultivates a space for one-on-one guided healing work, storytelling, art, community gatherings and Earth reconnection through practices that nourish the body and deepen our remembrance of ancestral ways. She unequivocally loves what it means to be human and believes in the power of ritual and ceremony as a way to tap into an individual’s uniquely beautiful gifts. Utilizing her gifts of warmth, presence, and playfulness, Megan functions as a Land by Hand community pollinator – sharing and tapping into the abundance of energy, ideas and wisdom in our human ecosystems.


Cody wears many hats throughout the work and play of Land by HandHe collaborates with small businesses, homeowners, farmers, neighbors, educators, and changemakers in the Twin Cities region to co-create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. Cody is motivated by a constant fire of acquiring, mastering, & sharing skills that inspire & empower others to follow their intuition and learn through hands-on experience; co-creating abundance through growing food, wellness, & community. Cody instructs on a wide diversity of subjects throughout the Twin Cities with Tiny Diner, MCTC, Minneapolis Community Ed, Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, & Driftless Folk School.



What others are saying about us

“I loved taking this journey with Megan & Cody. They were excellent facilitators and helped me to look deeper in myself for the answers. They empowered and activated myself and the group, this is not something every teacher and facilitator can do.”
“They both have amazing energy and will bring a lot of growth to wherever they go!”

“Megan & Cody are highly knowledgeable about permaculture principles and also live within them. It is as if they are each radiant light ready to pass on what they know to make this world the best place it can be. The care they have for all souls is eminent. They are loving and kind. They teach from this as well as guide through offering resources, challenging with questions, and leading by example.”


“Megan and Cody are terrific teachers and work beautifully together as guides on this journey of rewilding – wonderful examples of how nourish and preserve our inner and outer landscapes.”



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