Plants, Artistry and the Culture Change Movement with Johanna O’Tea

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In this conversation we explore:
  • Plants as the foundation of culture change work
  • Relocalizing health care & relationship
  • Freedom School and emergent practice
  • The two sides of the culture change movement
  • Clowning – “interrupting the old story with love and clowns”
  • Bridging the worlds of mindfulness and Earth based ritual
  • Artistry
  • Self healing & self realization
  • Breaking the chains of silence & unlocking creativity
  • Spirituality & Activism
  • A Vision of Sanctuary
  • Addressing leadership
  • Permaculture
  • Human healing journeys



Johanna’s work & projects:


Tea for the People

Driftless Herbal Exchange Network

Freedom School


Economics of Happiness –

Transition Town –

Awakening Sovereignty Collective –

Rainbow Gathering –


Deep Listening, Earth Grief & Cultural Initiation with Shante’ Sojourn Zenith

In this conversation we explore:
  • Deep listening – “the feelings underneath the words”
  • Lessons from the water and the trees
  • The wildness inside us
  • Possibilities in the edges
  • Earth grief & the ecological unraveling
  • Reconnection & Relationships
  • The “mythical, imaginal attunement to the earth”
  • Aesthesis – exchange of soul essence
  • The exiling of beauty
  • Cultural Depression
  • Initiation
  • Trauma, loneliness and the longing for connection
  • Resilient support systems
  • Anchor practices & Beauty Altars
  • Grief & Shame / Grief & Love
  • Protector Energy and Anger as “the beautiful desire to protect something.”
  • Grief as the “e-motion of feeling… the energy that moves through us and reshapes us”
  • Grief & Joy
  • Ritual
  • Keeping alive the energy & ability to nurture
Shante’s websites:
Simon McBurney – The Encounter
Azul Valerie Thome & Grief Composting Circles