Nature Connections, Movement Medicine and Everyone as Teacher with Kathryn Jensen

In this episode: 
  • Kathryn’s plant path & serendipity
  • Teaching through environmental ed
  • Heart connection and sensory experiences with plants
  • Connecting with kids & nature
  • Movement & body awareness
  • The power of playfulness
  • Honoring our teachers and mentors along the journey
  • Yoga as community gathering space
  • Trusting yourself on the journey of self awareness & authentic expression
  • Mutualistic learning with elders
  • Authority vs creating the space to see who shows up
  • Owning the “I don’t know”
  • Everyone can be a teacher and has something to share
  • Teaching as an art form
  • Walking the edge of a “good middle path”
Kathryn’s Projects:
Kathryn’s Bio:
“I have loved moving and being embodied since I was born. Always dancing, playing outside, or imagining something creative as a youngster, I strive to spend my adult days and time in relationship with my body, and the natural world with a playful, experiential and present mindset. In college, while pursuing a degree in Dance I had the privilege practice dance professionally but felt something was missing. The joy of embodiment and sharing connection with others in this way is not always present in the professional or academic arenas. I became interested in dance and embodiment as a form of community healing and performance, and my thesis was focused on this communal expression. Although I received much in the forms of physical training through gymnastics and dance, I did not understand anatomy, let alone my own limitations and range of motion. Some friends introduced me to two incredible yoga teachers, and I went on a journey to finally begin to understand the inner workings of my anatomy, which I will forever be grateful for, what a gift to understand your own body!After receiving a BA in Dance and Comparative History of Ideas, I also completed a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program, and began teaching yoga and creative dance to children afterschool. Not only did I discover my love of teaching dance and yoga, which up until that point had been focused on my own embodied and creative process, but I also began to realize the profound affect these teachings could have on the lives of these children as they grew up. Around the same time, I became interested in herbal medicine and was accepted into an herbal apprenticeship program where I learned about flower essences. As I have continued on my life journey, I have branched out from teaching mostly children to now teaching mostly adults, as well as children, the understanding of the inner child in all of us, and that everyone deserves access and opportunity for embodiment practices has become a driving force for me. The awakenings to the power in subtle medicine found in flowers, and more tangible medicine found in yoga and embodiment, and their bond has created a deep joy and vision for my life. Be Pure Grace is the manifestation of bringing these two offerings, flower essences and embodiment practices under one name to life and form. I love to learn, connect, create and share practices and products for healing and wholeness to others, and for the earth.” – from

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Plants, Artistry and the Culture Change Movement with Johanna O’Tea

In this conversation we explore:
  • Plants as the foundation of culture change work
  • Relocalizing health care & relationship
  • Freedom School and emergent practice
  • The two sides of the culture change movement
  • Clowning – “interrupting the old story with love and clowns”
  • Bridging the worlds of mindfulness and Earth based ritual
  • Artistry
  • Self healing & self realization
  • Breaking the chains of silence & unlocking creativity
  • Spirituality & Activism
  • A Vision of Sanctuary
  • Addressing leadership
  • Permaculture
  • Human healing journeys


Johanna’s work & projects:


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Freedom School

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Deep Listening, Earth Grief & Cultural Initiation with Shante Sojourn Zenith

Listen to Episode >

In this conversation we explore:
  • Deep listening – “the feelings underneath the words”
  • Lessons from the water and the trees
  • The wildness inside us
  • Possibilities in the edges
  • Earth grief & the ecological unraveling
  • Reconnection & Relationships
  • The “mythical, imaginal attunement to the earth”
  • Aesthesis – exchange of soul essence
  • The exiling of beauty
  • Cultural Depression
  • Initiation
  • Trauma, loneliness and the longing for connection
  • Resilient support systems
  • Anchor practices & Beauty Altars
  • Grief & Shame / Grief & Love
  • Protector Energy and Anger as “the beautiful desire to protect something.”
  • Grief as the “e-motion of feeling… the energy that moves through us and reshapes us”
  • Grief & Joy
  • Ritual
  • Keeping alive the energy & ability to nurture
Shante’s websites:
Simon McBurney – The Encounter
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