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Growing Regional Resilience Through Wellness & Community Care

~farm grown herbs, skin care, supportive seasonal remedies~

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What is a CSA?

A CSA (Community Supported Apothecary or Agriculture) directly supports a farmer and medicine crafter through a membership model while empowering you to begin building your own home apothecary and strengthen the wellness of yourself & your family. The CSA community supported model helps directly sponsor folks like us who are changing the story of health, wellness & livelihood based upon local communities. 


What is the Living Hearth CSA?

The Living Hearth CSA is a seasonal, place based project, with the aim to connect and develop awareness of the medicine in the Upper Midwest Bioregion through this type of CSA model.

How it Works

By joining as a member of the Living Hearth CSA, you will receive one box of assorted herbal goodies for every season. Guided nutritional & herbal wisdom will accompany each box. Four seasonal boxes of farm grown skin care, tea blends & supportive remedies for the seasonal shifts during the months of May, July, September & November. If you would like to order single boxes, you have that option as well.

What’s in the boxes?

each box could contain an assortment of teas, tinctures, skin creams, salves & serums, syrups, vinegars, tonics & elixirs, oxymels, bitters, herbal infused honeys, bitters & more!


What makes our CSA unique?

The Seasons

Just as the Earth goes through seasonal changes, so do our bodies. The Living Hearth CSA aligns with these changes and each box contains powerful tools to help each of us find our harmony within. Mother nature is always giving us helpful hints. For example, dandelions emerge in the early spring and remind us to consume bitter flavors to help renew & cleanse after a long winter.


In modern society we are often disconnected from the natural world and together we can work to reclaim this knowledge and deep ancestral understanding in taking care of our personal and planetary health. Every one of us comes from a culture or cultures that practiced working with the Earth in one form or another and it’s through these practices that we return to our roots and heal our relationships.

How are our herbs grown, gathered & crafted?

All herbs are locally grown in the Upper Midwest region (Minnesota & Wisconsin) and harvested using organic, biodynamic & small-scale farming practices or ethically wildcrafted. As permaculture designers with Land by Hand, we incorporate the design principles into our growing practices. Hand-crafted by Megan, learn more about us here >


What past members say:

“My husband and I love being a part of the Living Hearth CSA! Each season we receive a box (which really feels like a gift) filled with holistic remedies to help our mind, body, and spirit transition through the season with ease. Each concoction is made carefully by Megan and contains ingredients that she either grows or wild harvests. All items are made with love and intentionality, which is evident in Megan’s careful attention to detail and thoughtfulness in each box. We highly recommend joining this CSA community!”-Alicia & Ryan

“I absolutely love Living Hearth products by Megan Rae! I have been purchasing items from her for over a year now for gifts to family, friends, co-workers and myself! Each seasonal box contains facial, body creams and/or serums, tinctures and soothing teas encased in beautiful vintage labelled glass jars.  A brochure is prepared and included, describing each product, its benefits, where its grown and Megan’s own personal note. At times, she has invited community of other artists or innovators to share their time and talents. I have had the privilege of talking with Megan.  Her voice exuded with passion telling her story of preparing the land by hand months in advance, then planting the seeds, caring for the plants and flowers through maturity to harvest, drying them for weeks and finally producing creams & delightful serums that make your skin feel so soft and glowing, tinctures and soothing teas to help support a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Never before have I experienced such a personal and warm touch from a box as I have with Living Hearth!  Thank you, Megan!” – Peg

How to join:

For both the Community Supported Apothecary and Community Supported Culture shares, you have the option to order a full share up front or opt in to individual boxes throughout the year.

Full share:

Order & pay by April 30th.

Receive boxes during the week of the new moons for the months of May, July, September & November. You will receive an email notification when packages have been shipped.

Individual ordering schedule:

Spring – May: Order & pay by April 30th.
receive box week of May 13th (new moon 5/18)
Summer – July: Order & pay by June 30th.
receive box week of July 15th (new moon 5/16)
Autumn – September: Order & pay by August 30th.
receive box week of September 9th (new moon 9/14)
Winter – November: Order & pay by October 30th.
receive box week of November 11th (new moon 11/12)



Single box – $75

Full subscription of four seasonal boxes – $250 (save $50!)

Payment plans are available upon request.

*Prices do not reflect sales tax & shipping. You can opt for pick up if you are local to the Twin Cities or Northfield, MN. Exact pick up locations TBD.


Because we believe that alternatives to the current monetary system are desperately needed and we are actively working towards shifting into new payment structures, we currently have two subscriptions that are offered on a “pay-what-you-wish” model. Please connect with us to learn more and claim.


CSA promotion ends Mother’s Day – Sunday, 5/12

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Trade & Barter with us

We are also open to trades & partial trades! Some examples of what we are interested in:

  • grass-fed beef / pasture raised pork
  • organically raised free-range chickens & eggs
  • organically grown fruit & vegetables
  • sprouted grains
  • acupuncture & other bodywork
  • hand-crafted tools, clothing etc
Have another good & service to offer? Let us know! 


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