Living Hearth CSC

regeneration of land, culture and communities of the Upper Midwest through story of people & place



What is the Living Hearth CSC?

The Living Hearth CSC (Community Supported Culture) share is inspired by the CSA membership model as a way to directly connect with and support the regeneration of land and communities of the Upper Midwest through locally & lovingly crafted goods, art, foods and personal stories. The CSA community supported model helps directly sponsor folks like us who are changing the story of health, wellness & livelihood based upon local communities. Our intention with this project is to preserve cultural stories and craft through documenting the incredible regions of our area.

How it Works

We are cultivating the soil this season to build this project to better understand how we can actively support land & culture regeneration. Our hope is that this can lead to more collaboration and partnership to help share the incredible work, craft & art with the greater community. We feel that the story & relationship is first and foremost to build the soil for this bigger project to germinate and thrive.

What are we sharing from each region?

Our primary direction this season is to personally visit each of the regions, connecting with anybody interested at their space (home, farm, business, studio etc) to share with us:

  • Photo, video, and/or podcast interviews with regional artists, farmers & partners who make artisan crafts, foods and artwork
  • Local/regional stories, recipes, art, map w/ places of regional importance, music, flora & fauna & more! 


What makes the CSC unique?

The Story of Place

Land shapes culture. Identity emerges from the intersection of land and culture of place, as we are formed by the land around and underneath us. Communities are formed and supported by the land and waters. We see this in the sloping hills of the Driftless, allowing small scale farms to thrive. Cities are built along waterways as a means for transportation, food and other resources to allow populations to grow more rapidly. Culture springs forth from the land in which everything manifests. In this process of discovering the story of place, we begin cultivating awareness and asking more questions. What are the patterns, rhythms and languages of life that unfold? The stories of the people that have lived and thrived upon the land and waters? What are some of the modern cultural traditions that surround us? Trace these to their roots – where do they come from and what meaning might have been lost? These are questions we will continue to ask in our quest of telling this story.

 Regeneration of Land & Culture

We hope that through this project we can better understand how to support regional & cultural traditions to continue; growing awareness of the beauty of the Upper Midwest and giving back to the respective communities of people & place.


This is about resilience. It’s about becoming more self sufficient, sharing skills and supporting the people in our communities because it’s the only guarantee we have. If food is grown directly on your land you could allocate enough to feed both yourself and your neighbors. If you know how to spin wool, you could make your own clothing. If you learn about the plants in your bioregion, you can make your medicine.


This is the way we all used to live. This is the way that we had connection to our land and to our people. Traditions were shared and passed down, and culture was preserved. But because so many of us have been uprooted from our ancestral lands, we have lost so much of what we used to know. We have scrambled to seek answers and to find meaning. We know this because we have spoken with many who feel this way. We feel it ourselves. Not all of us can travel to our ancestral homelands. What we can do, is learn about where we come from and uphold these cultural traditions in our own lives. There are many of those who still practice the “old ways” of connection to the earth and to craft. We want to hear from them. We want to share their story.

Who do we want to connect with?

We are looking for the folks who come from a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Part of the magic is seeing what unfolds and who emerges along the journey in a similar way that seeds sprout and the flowers emerge. We will travel to several regions throughout the Upper Midwest that represent different ecosystems, connecting with people & place that help tell their story of connection to these lands. We emphasize herbs & foods locally grown in the Upper Midwest region (Minnesota & Wisconsin) and harvested using organic, biodynamic & small-scale farming practices or ethically wildcrafted. As permaculture designers with Land by Hand, we incorporate the design principles into our growing practices.

Do you or someone you know make handmade crafts, artwork, or value-added foods & wellness items?

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What regions will be featured & when?

River Valley
May 11-12: Northfield, MN
TBD: Twin Cities, MN (flexible)
May 15-18: Decorah, IA
May 18-19 – Viroqua, WI
Northern Lakes & Boreal Forest
July 26-28: Bayfield, WI
July 28: Duluth, MN
Oak Savanna
August 30 – Sept 2: Madison, WI area

*Dates Tentative


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