Partner with Us

Do you have a project you could use some extra hands with? An opportunity to share that relates to our Program?

As an open source learning program, the Open Hearth apprenticeship depends on collaborating with amazing people like you who can share your experience, skills, & wisdom with our community. All are welcome to apply with our form below and collaborate with our crew for a project, tour, or learning opportunity! Learn more about our Program >

Who should apply?

  • Hands-on Project Hosts (Urban, Suburban, Rural – ideally within 150 miles of Mpls, MN)
  • Tour Hosts, Elders, Instructors & Storytellers
  • Volunteers
  • Check out our some of our past Project Hosts & Partners here >


What type of activities & learning opportunities are we looking for?

  • Urban & Rural Farm/Homestead Projects / Tours
  • Community Building
  • Gardening & Farming
  • Art/Craft-making / Mural Painting
  • Permaculture Design
  • Small Business Tours & Talks
  • Natural Building & Construction
  • Earthworks & Water Restoration
  • Wildlife Habitat Support
  • Wilderness Skills, Plant Walks, & Wildcrafting
  • and anything else that relates to Our Program >

Some examples of hands-on projects we have worked on include:

  • Building medicinal Hugelkultur growing beds 
  • Planting hundreds of Blueberry bushes in a couple hours
  • Designing/Implementing passive rainwater capture for community food forest
  • Designing & Planting out crops for a CSA farm
  • Planting urban pollinator boulevards & vegetable beds
  • Maintaining urban wildlife habitat
  • Medicinal plant walk, foraging & wildcrafting
  • Implementing rainwater capture / storage system for homestead use
  • Teaching food preservation & canning with school garden / family learning classes
  • Maintenance & mulching pathways for urban demonstration site
  • Designing/Implementing a food forest
  • Natural Building 


What benefits can we provide?

  • Logistical Planning & Professional Co-created Design/Implementation
  • Hands-On Labor, Skills, & Energy with average crew size of 10 – 15
  • Social Media Promotion & Storytelling/Documenting w/ Photos + Video
  • Ongoing partnership with our organization (image + link + blurb)
  • Learn & network w/ our amazing crew, access our lessons/resources
  • Volunteer Recruitment (if needed)
  • Materials, Tools & Safety Equipment (if needed)
  • Learn more about our Experience >


Apply to become a 2019 Program Partner!

Please submit application below by January 31, 2019  | Program Dates: April – October 2019  | Program Schedule >

Contact Us with any questions | Thank you for your support!


Donate to our Program

Contact us with donations of any of the following items for our program:

  • Financial Contribution (any amount helps with our Scholarships)
  • Seeds, Mushroom Spawn, Plants, Shrubs, or Trees
  • Plant pots (plastic, clay etc…), 5 Gal plastic Buckets
  • Compost, Wood Chip Mulch, Leaf Mulch, Straw, Sand, Coffee Grounds, Logs
  • Burlap Coffee Bags, Large Cardboard pieces
  • Garden & Hand Tools, Garden/Rubber Gloves
  • Fencing, Trellis Materials, Lumber
  • 55 Gal Drums or Plastic Barrels


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